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Eurovent Certification for air handling units MANDÍK

  • Company MANDÍK, a.s., has reached its 5-year-old intensive development cycle by including among the few global companies, with the two major standards of air handling units
    Eurovent - globally operating French certification body and the RLT - German Association of manufacturers of air handling units.


  • The quality of design and manufacture of air conditioners MANDÍK is boosted as far as possible. The design program is based on real tests AHUMAN and technical regulations,
    standards and European regulations, according to both certification bodies, validated all the technical parameters (air pressure loss, internal fittings, electrical current fans,
    the effectiveness of the plate and heat recovery, thermal performance of heaters and coolers and pressure loss of media, acoustic parameters, parameters of casing according to
    EN 1886 box model and the real drive). Furthermore, it is possible to design units in the energy classes according to Eurovent methodology or RLT, or both at the same time.


  • Eurovent certification and RLT puts both on the production process of air handling units, which must meet strict qualitative and procedural criteria.
  • Eurovent certification and the RLT is an important step of company MANDÍK, a.s. to boost competitiveness and offering only high-quality and certified products.
  • For information regarding certification and technical support, contact our sales department.
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