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Company Mandík continues to develop modular air-handling units and strives to achieve the highest technical standards. The latest innovation is the development of two types of new sheathing to improve thermal insulation values according to EN 1886 - thermal transmission of the casing and thermal bridges.

Thanks to the specially developed “thermal breaking” system, which has been integrated into our frameless design, we have achieved thermal insulation results in the classes T1 TB1 and T2 TB1. New types of casing were tested in laboratory TÜV-SÜD Munich and subsequently certified by Eurovent and RLT, including calculations and display of energy labels. It is possible to choose easily any of the three types of cladding - T1/TB1,T2/TB1 or T3/TB2. This option applies to a range of standard M / P / T cross-sections, including dynamic (in-house) cross-sections in 1 mm increments, and to the entire 500-100,000 m3/h. air- capacity range. All these types of cladding are designed with sandwich panels filled in with mineral wool. It means excellent acoustic values of the cladding attenuation and excellent fire resistance, in comparison to the solution with polyurethane foam filling.

New types of cladding can be used in projects with the highest demands for thermal insulation of the equipment, which can be achieved just by reducing the heat transmission of the cladding and breaking of thermal bridges. Such technical solution improves overall energy balance of the whole building. In addition, new types of casing, with the highest thermal insulation classes, they are suitable for applications where the difference between the dew point and the wall surface temperature of the unit needs to be increased to reduce the risk of condensation inside the unit, depending on the ambient temperature.

It is often required to the projects with highest hygienic requirements, as well as typically to “clean room” applications.


This new options are fully implemented in the designing program “AHUMAN” and they are fully at your disposal.

If you are interested, please do not hesitate and contact our sales or technical department.

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